We know money


- For the 2nd Amendment, but not for automatic based weapons

- For 0% Tax towards businesses, but not Individuals who operate them

- Rich Individuals to be taxed heavy, Poor not to be taxed heavy

- I am for individual freedoms, right to make own choice

- I am for better Boarder Security, but not some damn Wall

- I am for Illegals staying in America, deporting cost tax payer money, provide Illegals options of staying

- I am for smarter education spending

- Our Police to be trained better

- Woman right to decide what the hell she wants

We as people who want to become POLITICAL figures believe or fight for what we believe in, or have a bad system that will fail the public over, and over again. POLITICAL figures should be into making a difference, rather than some pension. Money may run wild, but money does not always solve issues, rather than cause them.

Cost of living for low income has gone up, just like everything else on a day to day basis, so do you think people making the bare minimum will desire to go out, and shop, if they have bills to focus on?

The answer is no, they will focus on supporting them selves first, then if they have money left over, they will spend it, or if they are smart, conservative they will save that money. There are plenty of such people, if I had to guess the number, I would maybe say ten or twenty million. Sure we have what I think we call, the "better-off", who make more than $45,000.00, but this isn't the speech for those who make more than $45,000.00 or more, this is for those who make $9.00 or less than $12.00 an hour. We have to focus on energy, all politics does is talk about it, but yet, if America was doing something about it, don't you think ten years ago, to today, we would be better off? Energy is what get's us around, from Auto to home electronics.

Then we have taxes, if small or big business pays taxes, how do they go about, and reserve capital, with out borrowing, to hire more people, to promote what they have, how do they expand to other properties to then sell them selves? Frankly, they sort-of can't. Even Merchant Account money cost money at a high percent rate. This is part to why I think business tax should be no more, money should be reserved, this way allowing businesses to grow, sure big fortune 500 Companies may take advantage of this, however, people that run businesses, shall pay a big tax. Perhaps 40%, if they claim the right to have bonus money, then why not claim the right to obtain tax? Poor people as I call them, making less than $30,000.00 per individual, why should they pay everybody tax as I call it. Why should these people pay what big wealthy people don't want to pay? Maybe we should no longer have Federal Reserve, but then again, Federal Reserve is there to print money, so we do need them, even if people do not agree. So going back, I think the less money a person makes, the less they should pay in taxes, the more money you make, the more you should as a person pay, so if a person is making more money, operates a business, that business shall not pay taxes, this way the operator of that business finds them selves second guessing, and putting money back into the business for growth, calling it a reserve.

People are people, mostly media over talks about this issue, but illegals have as same rights as none illegals, how do we figure, they are people. They want freedom as much as any one, so yes, sure, why not, we can say, give them the option of Military joining, or go home, but we can also say that, if they are working people, let's have business sponsor people, friends sponsor friends, make it easier for working visa processing, so people can work here better, this away allowing us not to complain about poor people not paying taxes or buying product. I use to state join the Military or leave, however, if I can not have a change of mind after thought, then you no better than me. What about illegal criminals, the question is, how criminal are they, if they are that criminal, then why aren't they in jail? But then the issue is, we have too many jail's in this Country, why do we keep on sending people there, well, many do commit crimes. I personally think we should have hospitals that have departments helping those who did a crime, not to do a crime, I bet 8 out of 10 will change, this does not just apply to illegals, this goes for every one who does something they should not be doing.

Sure we have a "2" State Party system, Democrats, and Republicans, we are so focused on the both, usually neither one is good in thinking, being creative. I mean, if we was that good, don't you think things would be different, maybe better off? But then again, who knows?

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